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About Borys Hmyria
In the year 2003, the 100-aniversary
from the birth of this prominent singes

Borys Hmyria
1903 - 1969

      He was called Borys the Great, his talent was considered miraculous, his voice was regarded to be a perfect bass, and his vocal mission was believed to be ideal and unsurpassed by anyone up to date. Hmyria was a singer and philosopher, a unique phenomenon in Ukrainian and world culture.

Borys Hmyria in the part of Taras Bulba in the opera of same name by M.Lysenko.

      Hmyrias contribution in world performing treasury consists of 600 chamber works (290 Ukrainian folk songs and romances, 179 Russian and more than 100 west-European folk songs and romances; 39 opera parts (he has sung 75 arias of Ukrainian, Russian and foreign composers; 85 fragments of vocal and symphonic works; 30 broadcasting concerts.Vocal cycles: F.Schubert The winter way, M.Musorgskis Songs and dances of death, A.Rubinsteins Persian songs, D.Shostakovichs Five days.

      Singers vocal heritage impresses not only with its capacity, but also with culture, performance manners, devine influence on human soul and heart.

      His epistolary heritage is of great value for world culture: 150 manuscripts of scientific and art articles, 8 diary-books, volume of 1865 pages (1939-1969); his 7.000 letters.

      Lets make a note that Hmyrias vocal and epistolary heritage has been collected and kept by singers family in his flat-Kiev historical environment, where famous singer lived and created. Here preserves more than 10.000 valuable historical exhibits, which need great restauration work and printing.

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