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    of the First Borys Hmyria International Singers' Competition


1.1. The First Borys Hmyria International Singers' Competition will be held in November, 23-30 in Kyiv and will end with Gala concert of the Competition Laureates and Prize- Winners at the National Philarmony of Ukraine.

1.2. Female singers born after January, 1, 1970 to December, 31, 1983 (21- 34 years of age) and male singers born after January, 1, 1969 to December, 31, 1983 (21-35 years of age) may take part in the Competition,

1.3. Applications for participation (see an example) must be submitted to the address of Board of Directors by October, 10, 2004:

Board of Directors of the First Borys Hmyria International Singers' Competition
T. Shevchenko Boulevard, 50- 52, room 706, 719, Kyiv- 32, 01032 Ukraine,
Tel/fax: (38 044) 216- 74- 54, 230 -92- 08.

Application delivery date is indicated by the postmark's dispatch destination. The following documents must be enclosed to the application:

a) Xerox copy of the passport pages certifying the applicant's age;
b) Xerox copy of the diploma certifying music education (for students- studies certificate);
c) Resume;
d) two glossy photos for polygraph ( 9x 12);
e) Xerox copy of Laureate's Diplomas of other International competitions (if there are any);
f) The program of the performances in 3 tours.

1.4. Board of Directors of the First Borys Hmyria International Singers' Competition is entitled to allow no more than 30 female singers and 30 male singers to participate in the Competition. Every accepted candidate will get an official invitation for the participation in the Competition by October, 25, 2004.

1.5. No late or incomplete documents will be accepted.

1.6. All corrections to the Applicants' Competition programmes must be sent by November, 10,2004.


2.1. Leading music personalities of Ukraine and foreign countries are invited to the Competition jury. Jury works according to the "Regulations of the Jury"passed by the Organizing Committee.

2.2. The Competition is held before the audience in three tours: 2 selectional and 1 final.
Performances procedure is determined by casting lots before the First tour and kept to theend of the Competition.All works are performed by heart. Each piece is performed only in one tour.

2.3. No more than half of the First tour participants are allowed to perform in the Second tour.

      Competitioners refused admittance to the Third tour will get certificates for the participationin the Second tour.

2.4. Performers are graded in First and Second tours by secret ballot.

2.5. No more than 12 participants (6 male singers and 6 female singers) are allowed to take part in the Third final tour.

2.6. Jury's decision at all Competition tours is final and is not subject to discussion.

2.7. Competitioners are entitled to perform at the Competition with their accompanists. They must include the accompanist's name in their application form. Board of Directors will provide performers with the accompanists free of charge for tour performances and 60 minute rehearsal before each tour.

2.8. Board of Directors has the right for broadcasting of all Competition tours and final con cert on TV and radio. Filming, video recording and distribution of the material without fees to the participants.

2.9. All Laureates and Prize- Winners shall have free of charge participation in final concerts at the Competition closing. The repertoire is approved by Board of Directors.


3.1. Every registrant is required to pay an enrollment fee at the place of registration- US $ 50 (hryvna equivalent of current exchange rate of the Ukraine National Bank at the moment of registration).Candidates are not allowed to take part in the tours without paying enrollment fee.

3.2. No documents will be dispatched to the applicants and no refunds will be made for cancellation of participation.

3.3. Participants and accompanists shall cover their transportation costs.

3.4. Board of Directors shall cover accomodation costs and day allowance ( 18 hryvna per day) of the participants till the end of their performance in the Competition and from the Second tour - their accompanists.

3.5. In case participant's failure at the First and Second tours registrants may stay to the end of the Competition at their own expense.


4.1 .The Organizing Committee of the First Borys Hmyria International Singers Competition institutes the following prizes and awards for the winners:

Borys Hmyria Grand Prix

US $ 10. 000 (ten thousand US dollars), Laureate title.

Two First prizes

US $ 7. 000 (seven thousand US dollars) each, Gold medal, (male and female participants) Laureate title

Two Second prizes

US $5.000 (five thousand US dollars) each, Silver medal, (male and female participants) Laureate title.

Two Third prizes

US $ 3.000 (three thousand US dollars) each, Bronze medal,(male and female participants) Laureate title.
Competition Special Prize - US $1.000 (one thousand US dollars).
Prize of the "Borys Hmyria Fund" for the best performance of Ukrainian folk song from Borys Hmyria's repertoire.

      Finalists not awarded with Laureate title will have encouraging prizes - US $ 1.000 (one thousand US dollars) each with Prize Winner title ( not more than 5).

4.2. Jury is entitled:

  • not to award all prizes;
  • to share prizes between performers ( except Grand Prix and First Prize).
  • to award additional Second or Third prizes if First or Second prizes were not awarded.
  • to award special diplomas to the best accompanists of the Competition ( not more than 4).
    Every accompanist will get encouraging prize - US $ 500 (five hundred dollars).

4.3. AII prizes are paid in hryvna (current exchange rate of Ukraine National Bank at the day of prize representation). Income Tax withholding according to Ukraine Effective Legislation.

4.4. Board of Directors, Jury, nonprofit, social, music, International organizations, Competition sponsors and some leading personalities of culture have the right to institute special prizes and awards to the Competition members. Awarding procedure is agreed with Board of Directors and jury.

4.5. Board of Directors will organize tours of the Competition Laureates in Ukraine, first half of 2005 year.

4.6. In case of contradictions arisen from the Contract conditions the only right text is Ukrainian.


Application form
Biography of Borys Hmyria
About Borys Hmyria Fund

About sponsorship please contact: +38 044 229-17-07

Board of Directors of the First Borys Hmyria International Singers' Competition:

50-52, Taras Shevchenko Bd. office 706,719 Kyiv-32, 01032, Ukraine
Telephone/fax: (38044) 216-74-54 (38044) 230-92-08

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